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Gavin Figert


Highlight reel is a Wunderkammer about the stories behind each jersey that is hanging in my closet. I think that by connecting each jersey to a specific highlight from the jersey's respected player, it can add a new meaning and representation behind it. So I searched  to find what I believe to be each player's best highlight and/or my favorite highlight of theirs. From my favorite player, Luka Doncic, hitting the game winning shot in the playoffs, to an all time legend, and one of the flashiest players from the 70s, Dr. J, These jerseys have peoples names on their back, and those people have stories. If I had more time in order to further this concept I would include each player's story as a player, but also as a person. So often we see these insanely talented players on the TV and forget that they are people first and basketball players second. Another way that I will be actively building this Wunderkammer is through continuing to create these videos and folders each time I get a new jersey. This leads me into why I decided to use a website as my medium. Although it will forever have the Wix branding on it(because I am not paying 18 dollars a month), as long as I have my Wix account, I can update the website. I think this is important because my jersey collection is far from finished. A lot of people hear eleven basketball jerseys and think I am crazy for wanting more, but I love watching these players and no matter what team they play for I like to support the guys on the hardwood.

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